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How to Determine if It‘s a Junk or a Garbage?

If you will think that a junk and a garbage are the same then you have to know what are really the difference of the two. They may be the same that you want to dispose them but there is a difference between the two. It may not be that important for you but it is better for you to know so, you will be able to think on what to think on what to dispose and some you can make it into something else. They are not the same things and through this you may able to compare what to junk or what to trash.

A cheap junk removal company are easily can be located and contact to. You can do it through the world wide web or using the internet and you can also contact them through calling them in the phone from your local phone directory. Just make sure that you are contact the right service company for your dime will not go to waste. You can pay less in exchange of a worth excellent service result from the junk removal company.


A garbage is like a collection of random and small objects that you wanted to get rid of throw it in the trash bin. Mostly garbage is just like the wrappers, the plastics and different trash we can have from our food, or the items that we bought. While A junk are items that is big and heavy to carry from a normal homeowner. These are things that are hard to move from one place to another.


A garbage is disgusting most of the time, this includes different germs or bacteria, insects and other vermin. The health and safety concern are the major consideration if we talk about garbage. Junk can be also harm but more on a bodily harm. Since we know now that junk is heavy and big it can cause injuries if it is not handled properly.

Getting Rid

Garbage are simple to get rid of, all you need to do is full a trash bag and put it outside garbage and it will be collected and the company will dispose it in the designated place. Because mostly it is a project of the government then all you have to do is segregate and the trash collector will do what is next about it. While a junk is not easy to get rid of, if you will put it just outside near the garbage can you may be able get a fine and pay it. A service company will stop by at your convenience and collect all your junk away to the proper location, no matter how big or heavy it is, since you pay them yourself.

Now these are just some of the differences between a junk or garbage but we are hoping that you will be able to know the difference. So, by this you will know what to put in your garbage bags. This may not be common to learn but it is for your best instead of pay fines because you didn’t know about this stuff.

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Why Is It Important to Recycle Our Mattress? 

Mattress is non biodegradable because of the materials that are made of it from foams, plastics, springs, etc. it can take centuries for it to decompose and when you think of it mattresses are big and heavy it can take a lot of space in our landfills that is why it is important that we find ways to reduce our landfills and save our environment.  

Our Mattress

  1. Find a Recycling Company in your State  

Nowadays there are a lot of people who support an eco-friendly movement there are even recycling industries wherein they do mattress recycling we need to research if we have this in our area in that way we can dispose of our junk properly. Hiring junk removal Fort Lauderdale would also have ideas and connection in recycling so they can dispose of it properly.  

  1. Sell it 

Some people find an affordable second-hand mattress that is why if your mattress is still in good condition you can sell it online or even when you are having a garage sale in that way some people can still use it at the same time you earn money, help the environment and have a much cleaner home.

  1. Donation 

Some junk removal service would also know the best way to donate your mattress you can also search online in which you can donate this mattress to some people may need it like shelters you can help other people who can’t afford to have  a comfortable sleeping area and that would be a good feeling to help others and to save your environment from too many landfills.

  1. Recycle it 

You can get pieces and parts of your mattress and recycle it your self if you have the time you can be creative about it and make even more useful things out of these parts.  

When you take down mattresses and get parts of it and even sell it to junk shops that accept metals and coils in that way you can earn money and recycle some parts of it.  

  1. Repurpose 

When you take down the components of your mattress you can make get the wood for fire in your chimneys, you can get metal and coils for scraps or make other useful things, you can get the padding and foams and make smaller pillows or pet beds out of it, Fabrics can be made as rag or other quilting needs.  

That is why it is important that we research first on things that we can do before just simply throwing our trash it can help us in many ways.  

It can help us reduce landfills from growing wider and bigger and help our environment more, we can earn and save money by recycling and selling it, and a lot more purpose and benefit we just need to be creative about it.  

So call your pros if you need help and they will help you pick up and deliver your mattress where you want it to be.  

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