Kinds of Flooring

  1. Cork flooring – a cork flooring is made out of peeling back from a tree. They are great to the type of floors since they can regulate the temperature of your room in which you can really save money from energy bills. Not only that it can regulate temperature but it is good for insulation and makes it sound proof. Since the materials are made all naturally this is not harmful to the air or to the environment and unlike other walls. Because of the type of materials, it is also pest and insect resistant. It can be easily cleaned and maintained and this type of Flooring is definitely affordable and environmentally friendly.
  2. Laminate flooring – laminate flooring is also popular with most homeowners since you can get natural materials at a very affordable price. Although it is cheap compared to the rest it still looks good and can last for years. This type of flooring is stain resistant and doesn’t fade or discolor. It doesn’t absorb moisture as well that is why there is no need to really clean it every day and maintain it since it can easily be cleaned by mops or brooms.
  3. Linoleum flooring – this kind of flooring is composed of cork, wood dust, limestone’s, wood flour, and a lot more the materials used are all natural that is why it safe and environmentally friendly. What is good about linoleum floors is that it can resist any stains and liquids it doesn’t damage or easily absorb harmful chemicals. It cannot also be easily scratched this is a great flooring since it would give you a smooth and a comfortable feel for your home.
  4. Stone flooring – there is a lot of variety of stones to choose from which can make it very challenging in picking from different stone types that have a variety of color, texture, style, and a lot more. The most popular ones for homeowners are limestone, clay, pebble, granite, and a whole lot more. Stones are durable it can be used both indoors and outdoors and can easily match your home’s furniture and decors. Stone flooring is mostly used in balconies, kitchens, and outdoors.
  5. Tile flooring – there is also a lot of variety when it comes to tiles from ceramics, porcelain and a lot more you can definitely mix and match in any room that you would prefer. Tiles are mostly seen in fireplaces, bathrooms, kitchens since they are heat resistant and also water resistant. Although tile floors can be delicate since if a heavy object will fall and chip or damage it with proper installation and sealing by professionals it can last for years. Tiles are also easy to maintain and to clean.
  6. Wood flooring – wood flooring can be found anywhere this is the most popular choice of homeowners because of its elegance and durability like another flooring. There are also a lot of woods to choose from maple, oak, bamboo.