For many years, professionals use scaffolding in the construction industry. It provides a flexible and safe platform in which workers can safely navigate. Scaffolding rigs have helped construct millions of buildings around the world. However, what will happen to the materials once the project is done and everyone has been sent home?  

In general, commercial scaffolding can be repurposed in a range of applications. However, one component of the rig that can’t be repurposed in general is the wooden boards that are attached between the scaffolding.  

Wooden boards are used to create paths and walkways for the scaffolding rig. When the project is done, these boards are typically left to rot. Fortunately, wood is a reusable material. Thus, there are a couple of ways you can reuse these planks once the project is done.  

Here are several ways you can use old scaffolding boards from your commercial scaffolding Bedminster rig: 


Today, one of the biggest trends on the internet is upcycled furniture. You can usually see these types of furniture from individuals who love to share their lives on social media. However, simply because it is a hipster trend does not mean it’s a bad idea.  

The scaffolding board is an ideal fit as a building material because of its natural character and strength. Thus, you can also use it as furniture. An obvious fit would be benches or coffee tables. However, you can also use it to create anything with enough ambition. This includes a bathroom cabinet, door, or much more. A couple of professional carpenters have been known to create dining room tables made of scaffolding boards.  

In addition to that, these boards are also great as a work surface in your kitchen. It will take a lot of staining and sanding to achieve the desired surface. However, the results will definitely surprise you.  


For those who don’t know, manufacturers use sturdy and strong wood to create scaffolding boards. Thus, you can use them in all types of gardening tasks. Scaffolding boards make an affordable and ideal decking since it was made to be walked over. In addition to that, scaffolding boards are also wider compared to traditional decking. Thus, you will require less of them to fill the area. It will give you a natural-looking and subtler deck compared to a generic decking you can purchase from a shop. Also, you can utilize the boards to create planters.  


Reclaimed scaffolding board is the ideal width for bigger shelving. It has been constructed to withstand heavy construction workers and equipment. It’s more able to handle your assorted goods, cooking tools, and plates. You will be left with a unique and usable piece of wood with a bit of makeover. To give an old scaffolding board a breath of new life, varnishing and sanding can be the ideal option. The wood can hold almost everything. With this, you can make your modern house have that rustic cottage look without spending a fortune. Your visitors will definitely love your creativity.